7 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal

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7 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal

Reviewed By Dr. Tyler N Davis, DMD

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In our previous blog, Understanding Endodontic Treatment: Your Guide to Root Canal Therapy, we discussed why root canals are necessary and the benefits they provide. In this blog, we will share 8 ways to prepare for a root canal procedure.

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Get Plenty of Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep before your root canal appointment is essential. You may feel anxious or nervous about the procedure, and getting enough rest can help you relax and stay calm.

Eat a Light Meal Before Your Appointment

Eat a light meal before your root canal treatment. Avoid foods that are hard to chew or sticky as they may cause discomfort during the procedure. Stick to soft, easily digestible foods like soup, mashed potatoes, or smoothies.

Take Prescribed Medication as Directed

We may prescribe antibiotics for you to take before the procedure.  Make sure to take them as directed and be sure to finish the entire course of medication. Don’t change up your daily routine. If you are prescribed medications that you take on a daily basis, continue to take them.  

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking can interfere with anesthesia and slow down the healing process. It’s best to avoid these for at least 24 hours before your root canal appointment.

Arrive Early and Bring a Companion

Arrive early for your appointment so you can fill out any necessary paperwork or ask any last-minute questions. You may also find it helpful to bring a companion with you to help ease any anxiety and provide support during the procedure.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Root canal procedures can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement and relaxation. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that may cause discomfort or restrict your movements.

Communicate Any Concerns or Questions

Don’t be afraid to voice any concerns or ask questions before the procedure. We want you to feel comfortable and informed, and we are happy to address any worries you may have.

Being prepared for your dental procedure will help you to feel relaxed and in control.  But even with the best preparation, some patients may still feel anxious about their procedure. Don’t worry-we have options for you!

Dental Sedation Options

Do any of these scenarios sound like you:

“I can’t go to the dentist because I have a sensitive gag reflex.”

“I have a fear of needles. Just thinking about going to the dentist gives me anxiety!”

“I have a fear of dentists. The sounds freak me out!”

We totally get it! Going to the dentist can be a major source of anxiety for many people.  We never want dental anxiety to keep you from getting the care you need. That’s why we offer various types of dental sedation options to help you relax and feel comfortable during your root canal procedure.

We offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to help ease anxiety and make your experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Nitrous oxide is a gentle form of sedation administered through a small mask over your nose. The medication helps you relax and feel at ease during your appointment. The effects wear off quickly.
  • Oral conscious sedation involves taking an anti-anxiety medication prescribed by your dentist before the appointment. This method allows you to feel relaxed and drowsy throughout the procedure, and you may not remember much of it afterward.

If you are feeling overly anxious about your procedure, talk to Dr. Davis about your sedation options. He will work with you to find the best option for your needs and ensure that you have a stress-free experience.

Root Canal in Mesa

We understand that root canals can be intimidating for many people. That’s why we take extra care to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for our patients.

From gentle techniques to dental sedation options, we strive to make your root canal procedure as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to save your natural tooth and alleviate your pain, so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile once again.

If you are searching for a dentist who specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can help. To book an appointment, call (480) 664-1438 or complete the online booking form. If you are searching for ‘root canal therapy near me’, trust the experts at Power Road Dental Care.

Stay tuned for our third blog in this series, Endodontic Treatment: A Step-by-Step Explanation.

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