Teeth Whitening Mesa AZ

Teeth Whitening Mesa AZ

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that helps restore the natural color of your teeth or even whiten them beyond their natural shade. Through this treatment, many individuals have experienced the benefits of a brighter, more radiant smile.

Learn more about what teeth whitening is, who can benefit from it, and the differences between home and in-office whitening options. If you are in the East Valley and are searching for ‘teeth whitening Mesa AZ’ or ‘teeth whitening dentist near me’, we can help. To book an appointment, call (480) 664-1438 or complete the online booking form.

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that removes surface stains and discolorations from the surface of the teeth. Over time, teeth may become stained or discolored due to various factors, such as:

  • Consumption of certain foods and drinks
  • Tobacco use
  • Age
  • Some medications
  • Genetics

The goal of teeth whitening is to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth or make them even whiter for an enhanced appearance, depending on individual preference.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

There are multiple advantages to teeth whitening. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved appearance: White teeth and a brighter smile often lead to increased confidence and enhanced self-esteem.
  • Minimal invasiveness: Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure, which means there is no need for anesthetic or dental drilling.
  • Quick results: Depending on the method chosen, teeth whitening can provide significant results within a short period.
  • Customizable: The degree of whitening can be customized based on a person’s specific needs and preferences.

Who Can Get Teeth Whitening?

While most individuals can benefit from teeth whitening, it’s essential to consult with a dental professional before undergoing the procedure. In some cases, teeth whitening may not be suitable, for example:

  • The individual has dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, or tooth-colored fillings. These restorations will not whiten like natural teeth, which can lead to an uneven appearance.
  • Tooth sensitivity or worn tooth enamel might lead to increased discomfort during the whitening process.
  • In some cases, surface stains on the tooth enamel might be too severe for whitening to be completely effective.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, book an appointment with Dr. Tyler N Davis to see if you are a suitable candidate.

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Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Whitening

There are two primary options for teeth whitening: over-the-counter teeth whitening and professional whitening with your dentist. Let’s take a look at how these options compare:

Over-The-Counter Whitening

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are a convenient and affordable option for individuals who prefer to whiten their teeth over time, in the comfort of their own home. However, there are limitations to over-the-counter whitening products. These kits can include whitening strips, gels, or trays and usually contain lower concentrations of active whitening ingredients.

Before trying an at-home teeth whitener, remember to consult with your dentist at Power Road Dental Care to determine if at-home whitening is suitable for you.

How OTC Whitening Works

When using whitening gel, it is applied to a custom whitening tray that fits over the teeth and is worn for a few hours each day or overnight. The gel works on the tooth enamel to remove surface stains. 

Whitening strips are thin strips coated with gel that are applied to the front of the teeth for around 30 minutes.

Professional Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is performed by dental professionals, using stronger whitening agents. This usually results in faster and more visible results.

Professional whitening at a dental office is typically suitable for most people – compared to over-the-counter teeth whiteners, which may not be the best choice for everyone due to certain factors such as tooth sensitivity or dental restorations.

At Power Road Dental Care, we offer Opalescence take-home trays, a popular and effective teeth whitening solution. 

Opalescence take-home trays are convenient and easy to use. With pre-filled trays, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. The trays are custom-made to fit your teeth, providing a comfortable and secure fit for optimal results.

With Opalescence take-home trays, you have full control over the whitening process. Simply wear the trays for the recommended amount of time each day, as advised by our dental professionals. You’ll start noticing results within just a few days, with your smile becoming noticeably brighter and more radiant.

Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

Teeth whitening is an effective way to remove surface stains, improve the appearance of your smile, as well as boost self-confidence.

It’s important to consider all aspects of teeth whitening and consult with a dentist before deciding on a method that will suit your individual needs and preferences. 

A comprehensive evaluation will help ensure that you choose the right method and achieve good outcomes.

If you are in the East Valley and are searching for ‘teeth whitening Mesa AZ’ or ‘teeth whitening dentist near me’, we can help. To book an appointment, call (480) 664-1438 or complete the online booking form.

  • Teeth whitening removes surface stains and discolorations, offering improved appearance and quick results. 
  • It’s generally suitable for most individuals but may be limited by tooth sensitivity and severe discoloration. 
  • Options include over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and professional treatments, with professional whitening providing quicker, more noticeable results.
  • Lifestyle habits like smoking or consuming staining substances like coffee or tea can cause teeth to yellow.
  • Teeth whitening combats surface stains from coffee, tea, or red wine.
  • Whitening only works on natural teeth.
  • White teeth enhance appearance and self-esteem.
  • The procedure is non-invasive and customizable.
  • For safe and effective whitening, consult your dentist at Power Road Dental Care to assess teeth and gum health, sensitivity, and discoloration. Ensure safe and effective whitening.


What Aftercare Is Needed After Teeth Whitening?

After teeth whitening, follow these oral hygiene practices to maintain results:

Immediate aftercare:
– Gently brush with a soft-bristle toothbrush.
– Rinse to remove residual whitening product.
– Avoid staining foods and drinks like coffee and tea.
– Don’t smoke or use tobacco products.

To maintain whitening results:
– Brush twice daily with whitening toothpaste.
– Floss daily to remove plaque and prevent stains.
– Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash.
– Schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The longevity of teeth whitening results can vary greatly depending on several factors such as your dietary habits, oral hygiene routines, and whether you smoke. Generally, professional teeth whitening can last many years. Regularly brushing, flossing, and avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks can help prolong the results.

Does Whitening Your Teeth Hurt?

Some individuals may experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation after a teeth whitening procedure. This is a common side effect that is typically mild and subsides within 24 hours. If you have sensitive teeth, discuss this with your dentist before the treatment to determine the best approach for you.

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